written translation

Translation types:

  • Translation of documents
  • Translation of personal papers
  • Translation of journalistic and periodical materials
  • Translation of correspondence
  • Translation of market and business materials
  • Translation and abstracting, selective translation
  • Theme translations (digest) and rewriting
  • Translation of books
  • Translator at your office

Subject area of texts translation:

  • economy
  • technical and IT
  • juridical/legal
  • medical/ pharmaceutical
  • commercial/marketing
  • business/diplomatic
  • scientific and educational

Every subject field contains several more particular fields. To order a translation it is not obligatory to define the theme. Just send to us the original text and we will translate it.

Language pairs of written translations:

    English ⇒ German ⇒ English
    German ⇒ Russian ⇒ German
    German ⇒ Ukrainian ⇒ German
    English ⇒ Russian ⇒ English
    English ⇒ Ukrainian ⇒ English
    Russian ⇒ Ukrainian ⇒ Russian

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